I'm Charlie! and thanks for dropping by.

I teach vinyasa/ dynamic flow yoga for todays lifestyle and accessible for everyone... 

I believe that yoga should be approachable, fun and offer whoever comes to practice to feel safe, free and excited for the journey ahead.

Classes are light-hearted and nourishing bringing full awareness to the beauty & benefits of the breath, the opportunity to find all round mobility and balance to the mind and body. I love to practice different styles of yoga which feeds into the classes, bringing an eclectic and playful edge. Through out the classes I always offer stiller moments either within a pose, giving time to be creative and explorative or a space to completely relax and re-connect to how you are, the breath or the reason you came to the mat that day. 

I also teach restorative yoga, which I sometimes incorporate at the end of stronger flows. These classes allow you to be guided into pure relaxation, with no distraction, and to let go of the analytical mind and give the body an optimum chance to rejuvenate and repair for all round well being.


A born and bred Londoner I have been teaching for 6 years in and around London. In 2009 I travelled to India, a lifetime dream, to train with Himalaya Yoga Valley 200hrs and in 2016 I went to Bali to complete my 300hrs+ training with Radiantly Alive. I have also done extensive workshops with many  inspirational teachers and I continue to learn and be a student as much as I can, so that the time we spend together is a shared experience. 

Prior to teaching, I trained & worked as an actress, always attracted by movement/physical theatre and the art of play which definitely feeds a spontaneity to my teaching style. I came across Ashtanga yoga at university and was captured by how it helped me connect and understand my body and free my mind. Yoga stayed in my life sporadically practicing when life became a little wobbly.  When my father suddenly passed away, yoga showed me its true healing powers.  In a time of despair yoga helped me to cope with my feelings, gave me space to accept and provided stepping stones to achieving a new balance in my life.

A few other random bits about me. My self practice also involves keep fit with running, cycling & swimming. I am always on the move with music playing and coffee in hand. I love meeting new people and believe yoga accessible to all individuals and communities to help build confidence, strength and unity. 

To this very day, stepping on the mat keeps me excited, continually curious, supported, and balanced in all aspects of my life.  I hope to bring you a practice that is benefit filled, fun and that helps you feel good.  

I look forward to seeing you on a mat with me soon!


2009 200hr Himalaya Yoga Valley 

2016 300+Hrs Radiantly Alive

UK Yoga Alliance Certified

 Yoga|Beats|Positive Vibe