Studio classes are open to all levels, whether you are new to yoga, want to deepen your practice or just want to take time to bliss out. The classes are dynamic, exciting and full of new challenges offering variations and adjustments throughout class. They focus on increasing strength, flexibility and creating a deep internal heat to the beat of some great tunes. Open classes are a fun and encouraging place to practice.

Corporate classes are designed to bring Yoga to your workspace. These classes help to release tension, relieve stress and energise  your mind and body pre or post work.  It is a great way to meet new people in your work place and start or end the day on a blissful high. So grab a mat and see if we can raise the game. Please bring your own mat.

Private classes are the most personal way of practising yoga. These classes are created for your own personal needs- whether it is to help you physically or therapeutically. 

Festivals,Pop-ups, Hen-dos and so many more yoga is the perfect way to bring a sense of wholesome togethereness, uplifting energy, detoxification and get the party started. Fun tunes and postive vibes all round.


Head to contact for details of any of the above classes, avalability and prices

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